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Frequently Asked Questions

The battery life of the sensors is 6-8 years.  A sensor uses two AAA Lithium Batteries that can be sourced online or at your local hardware or grocery store.

The sensor range is generally 300 ft (100 m) depending on infrastructure. The sensors use the BLE5 wireless communication protocol which allows signal transmission through doors and walls constructed of standard building materials.

The sensors have a 2 year warranty.  The gateways have a lifetime warranty.

One gateway can support up to 150 sensors. Gateways can connect to the internet using either Ethernet or WiFi.  Cellular capabilities are also available.

You will also need to purchase at least one gateway.  Our sensors will only work with Swift Sensors gateways and cannot be adapted into other systems.  Sensor transmissions cannot be intercepted by third party gateways.  Please consider using our API when integration is required.

When it comes to security and privacy, we deploy the highest levels available.  Please refer to our System Security document for more information.  

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