Data Viewing


  • Live and Historical Data Visualizations
  • Tree or Map View with Browser Based Dashboard
  • Integrated Location Tracking with Dashboard Data

Enhanced Data Viewing

  • Enhanced Chart Navigation
  • Enhanced Search Bar

Device Support

The Swift Sensors Console behaves more like a full-screen app on mobile devices, thanks to full-screen support when launched from a Home Screen icon on iOS and Android.

    • Devices
    • Full-screen Support on Mobile Devices
    • Optimized Tablet Experience
    • Enhanced Full-Screen Mode
    • Language
    • Expanded Language Support: List all

Threshold Boundary Lines

Measurement charts have been enhanced to help our customers visualize the relationship between measurement data and its threshold boundaries. When a measurement is associated with a threshold, the threshold’s boundaries are shown as dashed lines on the measurement chart. High or low critical boundaries are shown in red, while high or low warning boundaries are shown in yellow. This visualization provides more context to historical measurement data and allows the user to see the relative proximity of past measurements to all defined threshold boundaries, even when measurement data stayed in the normal operating range.

For users who need to switch between two or more thresholds using our advanced operational groups feature, the measurement chart takes into account the operational mode history to show the proper threshold boundary lines during the time each operational mode was in effect. The changing boundary lines help our customers understand how changing the active threshold affects the threshold status of historical measurement data.

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