Environmental Monitoring from Swift Sensors keeps your facilities and operations in compliance with the measurement ranges you require.

Safety, Comfort, Peace of Mind

Remote environmental monitoring gives you real-time assurance that your office, kitchen, production floor, or greenhouse conditions are safe, comfortable, and within regulations.  Validate that your HVAC systems are working properly to ensure the comfort of your customers or employees, or document that your working environment is within acceptable conditions for regulatory compliance using a  remote environmental monitoring system from Swift Sensors.  

Full Coverage, Painless Setup

Swift Sensors remote environmental monitoring sensors protect your facility and your employees from equipment malfunction, leaks, or air quality issues.  Our sensors are compact and inexpensive, so you can easily spread them throughout your facility for full coverage.  

Know First, Act Fast

With Swift Sensors remote environmental monitoring solutions, you simply spread your sensors, configure limits, and you’re protected.  When an area of your facility sensors changing conditions, you receive an immediate alert.  You’ll know before small issues become big problems with our cloud monitoring system.

Common Measurements

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Swift Sensors Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Swift Sensors Wireless Sensors

Starting at MSRP $100

More than 30 types of sensors to monitor your equipment, facility, and business processes.  Sensors have a battery life of 6-8 years, communication range of 500 feet, and an IP66 rating.  

Swift Sensors Gateway

MSRP $330

Gateways transmit sensor measurements to the cloud via Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular Modem.  One gateway supports up to 150 sensors.  Advanced security protocols keep your networks and data safe.

Swift Sensors Monitoring and Alert Plan

MSRP $65/year/sensor

The Monitoring and Alert Plan (each sensor) provides cloud account access with thresholds, notifications, unlimited users,  measurement history, reporting, analytics and more. No Contract Required.

Case Studies

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  • Monitor critical equipment, pumps, motors, HVAC and more
  • Predict when maintenance issues require servicing
  • Minimize downtime with a smarter predictive maintenance strategy

Why Choose Swift Sensors

Flexible Notification Options
Custom Dashboards & Advanced Analytics
Automated Regulatory Logs & Reporting
Extended Wireless Range Up to 500 Feet
6-8 Year Battery Life
Advanced Data & Network Security
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