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A Poultry Plant Just Innovated Their Plant with Wireless Sensors

In an effort to adhere to constant change and scrutiny with processing poultry, a large poultry plant in the upper midwest implemented wireless sensor technology into its production line and is already starting to see results in improved shift management, higher poultry yield, and an increase in employee safety. 

For almost 100 years, they have been dedicated to innovating and providing inspired food solutions to their customers. With a team of chefs and food scientists, they constantly explore the latest culinary trends and analyze consumer data to ensure products are irresistible.

Defining the Next Generation of Poultry Processing

As pioneers in poultry processing, implementing wireless sensors was at the forefront of their poultry processing evolution and turned to Swift Sensors. To better define and improve their production line and storage capabilities, Swift Sensors deployed wireless water-resistant temperature and vibration sensors in and around their processing plant, on-site refrigerators and freezers, and on pumps and compressor stations. With sensor monitoring now affixed to equipment and deployed, the return-of-investment was immediate.  

Turnkey State-of-the-Art Sensor Monitoring

With the Swift Sensors wireless temperature monitoring and alert system, deploying a scalable, state-of-the-art sensor monitoring platform throughout a nationwide network of poultry processing plants now includes:

  • Real-time data monitoring available from any laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Immediate, real-time notifications if temperatures go above or below user-defined thresholds.
  • Completely scalable nation-wide sensor network with multiple user-defined temperature requirements across numerous locations.
  • Compliance reporting based on historical data required by OSHA and other regulatory agencies.
  • API Integrations into existing monitoring systems deployed in plants.

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Swift Sensor GatewaySG3-1010 Swift Sensors Gateway
Types of Sensors SS3-102 Swift Sensors Wireless Water-Resistant Temperature Sensor
 SS3-105 Swift Sensors Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor
 SS3-202 Swift Sensors Wireless Predictive Vibration Sensor
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