Cole Hospitality Protects Inventory and Customers with Food Safety Monitoring

About Cole Hospitality

Cole Hospitality owns and operates 6 restaurants in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area. As an operator within the Paul French Bakery and Cafe global corporation, the team at Cole Hospitality must ensure that the food quality and the overall experience in the restaurant is maintained at the highest level. They are driven to protect the safety and freshness of the food, keeping their customers comfortable, and complying with strict health inspection guidelines from both the local health departments as well as the corporate Paul standards.

Automated Monitoring, Alerts, and Reporting

Bryce Cole, the owner of Cole Hospitality, knew he had a lot riding on his refrigeration and freezer units spread across the six restaurants he was operating. Any kind of equipment issue – from a compressor failing, to losing power, to someone leaving a freezer door open – can lead to catastrophic loss of inventory and thousands of dollars wasted… Read More

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