Real-Time Utility Data for Commercial Real Estate

Introducing the Rhino Energy Management Solution

Rhino is an energy management solution that helps reduce utility consumption and supports sustainability initiatives. The platform presents real-time analytics for the energy, water, and gas consumption of a single room, facility, or multiple facilities in a cloud-based dashboard. Rhino tracks consumption trends, detects anomalies, and sends alerts when usage moves outside of configurable ranges.

Expert support is available at every stage of implementation, from installation to analytics and reporting. Rhino’s cloud-based system makes managing large amounts of diverse data easy and accessible from anywhere, 24/7. The software and hardware can be integrated with most commercially available meters. 

Rhino provides industry leaders with all the data they need to effectively manage energy, reduce CO2 emissions and draw up ESG reports.
  • ESG-ready data
  • Optimization of CO2 emission costs
  • Automatic data collection
  • Dashboards, analytics, reports and comparisons
  • Continuous expert Support

Monitor Electricity, Heating & Cooling, Water, Gas, BMS and More!

How the Rhino Energy Platform Works


Reduce energy bills
Rhino monitors all types of utility consumption in real time. Easily target energy wastage and reduce bills. 

Data ready to use in ESG reports
Automated reporting tools ensure that you get accurate and consistent consumption data to use for the “E” in ESG reports.

One central dashboard
One central dashboard displays utility consumption across one facility or multiple facilities, no matter the size.


Technical support
Consult with a dedicated Energy Manager ensuring that utility consumption is managed effectively.

Data ready to use in one place 24/7
Automated cloud console makes management of a large amount of varied data easy to view and available from anywhere.
Hardware and software integration
Rhino software and hardware can be integrated with most of the utility meters available on the market.

Rhino energy and utility platform mobile alerts

Mobile Alerts

Monitor utility use of facilities 24/7 and receive real-time alerts to reduce the risk of incurring costs from leaks, equipment failure, or unplanned usage.

Set up alerts for any parameters, ensuring that maximum planned energy consumption is not exceeded, there is no water leakage, the temperature and humidity are at the right level, and more. In addition, you can rest assured that key equipment is working properly. 

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