Refrigeration Monitoring

Swift Sensors remote Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring System uses advanced wireless sensors to safeguard your refrigeration and freezer units.

Our refrigeration monitoring system will safeguard every aspect of your cold chain including walk-in coolers and freezers, cold rooms, warehouses, medical labs cryogenic freezers, vaccines coolers, refrigerated trailers and more. 


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Top Operators Choose Swift Sensors


Refrigeration Monitoring Protects Your Inventory and Your Reputation


If you are in the restaurant or foodservice industry then city, state, and even federal compliance rules may apply to your business. Swift Sensors monitors your refrigeration equipment to ensure that your temperatures stay within FDA Safe Food Guidelines.


If you need a way to safeguard the temperature of your food inventory in walk-in coolers and freezers, then Swift Sensors has a solution for you. Swift Sensors monitors your cafeteria equipment 24/7 to make sure food inventory stays safe and fresh for your students.

Medical Labs

For Medical Labs there are a wide variety of regulations that may apply to your facility. If you have special FDA vaccine storage requirements we can help ensure that your temperatures stay in the correct ranges. Swift Sensors can also help you complete your CLIA or CAP daily verifications in minutes.


Refrigeration monitoring in manufacturing can mean the difference between uptime and downtime as well as a loss of goods and lost profits. Be sure to stay on top of all your commercial refrigerators and freezers by adopting a complete monitoring system from Swift Sensors.

How Does Swift Sensors Work?

Swift Sensors Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Swift Sensors Wireless Sensors

Starting at MSRP $100

More than 30 types of sensors to monitor your equipment, facility, and business processes.  Sensors have a battery life of 6-8 years, communication range of 500 feet, and an IP66 rating.  

Swift Sensors Gateway

MSRP $330

Gateways transmit sensor measurements to the cloud via Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular Modem.  One gateway supports up to 150 sensors.  Advanced security protocols keep your networks and data safe.

Swift Sensors Monitoring and Alert Plan

MSRP $65/year/sensor

The Monitoring and Alert Plan (each sensor) provides cloud account access with thresholds, notifications, unlimited users,  measurement history, reporting, analytics and more. No Contract Required.

Network Security is our Foundation

Swift Sensors - Security Document

Security Protocols

Read about our extensive cloud security protocols and practices.

Dean Drako - Swift Sensors Founder

Built on Security

Founded by industry-leading network expert, Dean Drako of Barracuda Networks, security is at our core.

Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting for Improved Compliance and Operational Efficiency

Why Choose Swift Sensors

Flexible Notification Options
Custom Dashboards & Advanced Analytics
Automated Regulatory Logs & Reporting
Extended Wireless Range Up to 500 Feet
6-8 Year Battery Life
Advanced Data & Network Security
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