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Protect Your Patrons

As a food services and facility manager of a school, hospital, hotel chain, or any hospitality business, you must deliver meals that are fresh, delicious, and above-all safe.  Nothing disrupts your food services operation more than a failed cooler or freezer.  Financial losses are only the beginning.  Spoiled inventory, canceled menu items, or unscheduled closures undermine customer loyalty, damage your brand, and put your business at risk. Food service monitoring solutions for your school or hospitality business keeps your inventory safe and your business open.

Monitor Your Equipment

Swift Sensors remote temperature monitoring solutions for schools and hospitality provide a wide range of wireless temperature sensors for freezers, coolers, and hot-side equipment.  Through one simple interface, you’ll know all of your equipment is operating properly across campuses, chain locations, and widespread facilities.  When conditions drift, you get an immediate alert so you can act fast and avoid losses.  And you are not limited to temperature.  With water presence, power, vibration, and open/close sensors, you can monitor all aspects of your equipment and facility.  

Drive Efficiency with Automation

You’re under pressure to do more with less.  With staff becoming more difficult to hire and train, you need a smarter approach to manage your operations.  Automate tedious manual tasks like checking and logging temperatures.  Not only will you free up busy staff, you’ll also guarantee complete and timely reports for your next inspection or FDA government support program.  

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Common Measurements

Remote Monitoring Options for Schools and Hospitality

Streamline Operations with Automated Logs and Reporting

When you manage cafeterias and restaurants in schools, hotels, hospitals, and residential sites, staffing and training is critical.  You can’t expect busy staff to manually monitor and log temperatures throughout the day.  You must find ways to streamline and automate your operations while continuing to get the data you need for inspections and program support.

Automation is the key 

With Swift Sensors wireless monitoring and alert system, you have all of your historical data at your fingertips. Our built-in reporting tools automatically generate the logs required for your next inspection
  • Local Health Inspections
  • Government Program Requirements (USDA, NSLP)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Food Safety Points (HACCP) plans  

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Managing the Top 3 Restaurant Food Safety and Operational Challenges

Why Choose Swift Sensors

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