Swift Sensors Remote Monitoring and Alert System - Features and Benefits

Any Measurement, Anywhere

We offer more than 30 measurements with a variety of different form factors, probe types, lead lengths, and operating ranges. Whether you need to measure refrigeration systems, environmental conditions, voltage and current, room activity, or industrial systems and processes, we’ve got the wireless sensors you need.

Simple Deployment & Configuration

Turn on and off our sensors with a simple button push on the front. Install them anywhere using screws, zip-ties, or epoxy to fit any environment. Our sensors automatically register with the nearest gateway so you’re up and running quickly. Most of our customers can setup their gateways and be talking to our sensors in 15 minutes or less.

Flexible Notifications

Simple or advanced, single-user or a large team, a few sensors or a few hundred spread throughout a large facility. Our software scales with you, from a simple starting point to flexible options for advanced applications. With the Swift Sensors Console, you set warning and critical levels to automatically generate notifications when breached. Configure notifications to text, email, or call a single person or multiple members of your team. Whatever the scenario, our notification options keep you and your team in the know.

Custom Dashboards & Advanced Analytics

Whether you have 2 sensors or 200, the Swift Sensors Console presents your data in a simple, intuitive interface. Quickly view any sensor measurement and scroll through its historical values. Or, create custom dashboards to show only the most important information at a glance. Our built-in analytics calculate system efficiency, equipment utilization, or custom metrics with pie charts, bar graphs, and more.  Generate the insights you need to optimize processes and improve efficiency.

Automated Logs & Reporting

The Swift Sensors Console has built-in reporting to automatically generate daily or monthly logs and reports. We support many common layouts and report formats typically used for health inspections, vaccine monitoring, or HACCP quality programs. Get accurate and complete reports every time, and offload your busy staff at the same time.

Wireless Range Up To 500 Feet

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE5) communication protocol and our advanced gateway designs, you can spread your sensors across your facility. Connect hundreds of sensors to a single gateway, or balance the traffic with multiple gateways in constrained environments. Our wireless sensors have built-in intelligence to automatically connect to the nearest gateway with the best reception – and as conditions change they automatically reconnect to the strongest signal to ensure continuous, reliable communications.  For more information about our communication protocols and other features, download our Wireless Sensors Buyer’s Guide.

6-8 Year Battery Life

Gone are the days of using coin-cell batteries. The combination of our AAA Lithium Polymer batteries and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE5) communication protocol means your batteries are good to go for 6-8 years life expectancy. Set it and forget it with our compact, long-lasting sensors.

Military-Grade Security

Our team of engineers come from corporate network security backgrounds. We’ve built our communication protocols using advanced, recognized security standards according to the ISO/IEC 27001 Security Standard. Both sensor-to-gateway and gateway-to-cloud data transfers use advanced AES encryption and SSL for maximum security and protection.    What do all of these acronyms mean? Your data and your business networks are safe and secure with Swift Sensors.  Learn more by downloading our Advanced Security Protocols white paper.

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