Wireless Temperature Sensors – Comprehensive Guide

The following guide outlines a general overview of what wireless temperature sensors are and how they benefit commercial businesses.  Feel free to reach out to one of our sensor experts to learn more about how remote IoT temperature sensors can help you. Contact Us What are wireless temperature sensors and what do they do? Wireless

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Wireless Sensors – A Comprehensive Guide

In an increasingly connected world, wireless sensors are becoming more and more important. From medical devices to security systems and even home automation, these tiny pieces of equipment are becoming ubiquitous. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes wireless sensors so useful and explore their various applications. We’ll also discuss the components

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A Modern Lab Temperature Monitoring System Saves Time and Money

A Lab temperature monitoring system are essential in any laboratory. By using these tools, you can save time and money. In particular, modern lab and pharmaceutical temperature monitoring tools are quick and easy to use, and they provide accurate results. Savings come in the form of saved time from automation and saved inventory from equipment

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Refrigeration Monitoring – How it Works

Refrigeration monitoring is the process of tracking and recording the temperature of a refrigeration system. This is done in order to maintain safe temperatures and proper function of the system. Refrigeration monitoring can be done manually or through automated systems. Remote refrigeration monitoring is important because it helps to maintain safe temperatures and proper function

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Water Detection Sensors for Commercial Buildings and Applications

Using new wireless water detection sensors from Swift Sensors, business management can now remotely detect when there is the first presence of water.  Having an instant water detection alarm in place helps management teams be more proactive in their responses.  Solving a small water leak now  prevents massive water damages later. A common problem for

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What is the ROI for an Automated Laboratory Temperature Monitoring System?

Swift Sensors automated monitoring and alert system generates up to 8X ROI in as little as 2 years. Clinical labs, medical offices, and pharmacies all may have refrigeration systems for storing vaccines, samples, blood, tissue, and other delicate material that must be kept at regulated temperatures.  Many of these facilities are required to generate daily

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Newsletter October 2022

Maintenance and Operations Teams Gain Visibility Through Wireless Sensors Wireless sensor technology has grown from “science fiction” only a few years ago, to a critical tool for maintenance and operations managers today. Operations teams are gaining new visibility into systems and equipment anywhere in their facility with wireless sensors to: Monitor critical systems to ensure they are operating

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Newsletter August 2022

New Daily Verification Tools Automate Logging and Documentation for Clinical Lab CLIA Certification With our latest update, lab managers can now check, verify, and store temperatures as required by CLIA standards. Rather than visually inspect all of your units and record temperatures in a log, now you can simply pull up the Swift Sensors console and

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Automated Temperature Monitoring Tools Save Time for Clinical Labs, Simplify CLIA Inspections

An Interview with Stephanie Halliday, Laboratory Concepts: Stephanie Halliday is responsible for all functions of the clinical laboratory at Hillcroft Medical Clinic.  In addition, she worked as a Program Specialist for the Texas Department of State Health Services as an inspector/surveyor of CLIA certified labs where she reviewed accreditation and compliance status.  She has also

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