Industrial Monitoring

Swift Sensors uses advanced wireless sensors to monitor the critical measurements in your facility.  We also have wireless sensor adapters to bring your older, existing sensors online and into the digital age.


  • Prevent downtime.
  • Minimize risk. 
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Stay compliant.

Get Any Sensor on the Internet

Thousands of industrial sensors and transducers are in use today in manufacturing and processing plants around the world for measuring flow rate, pressure, level, proximity, air quality, and more.  Many of these sensors provide unique measurements, ranges, or form factors that exist only in traditional wired options.  Or, they may already be installed in your facility as part of a distributed control system, but don’t provide the remote machine monitoring, access, or alarming you need.  Don’t settle for limited data or connectivity.

Embrace Legacy Systems

With Swift Sensors adapters, you can tap into traditional sensor options and immediately access these measurements within the console, with all of the thresholds, notifications, and reporting features that come with it.  Tap into sensors located in hazardous, controlled, or confined spaces for complete control to detect impending failures or model behavior over time.

More Data, More Insights

Armed with data from traditional industrial sensors, you can feed predictive maintenance strategies to reduce downtime and improve yield. And, you can model overall usage trends to optimize usage, efficiency or costs.

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Common Measurements

Wireless Adapters

Learn more about making industrial measurements by adapting any traditional sensor into a wireless sensor using Swift Sensor Wireless Adapter Sensors.

Swift Sensors Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Swift Sensors Wireless Sensors

Starting at MSRP $100

More than 30 types of sensors to monitor your equipment, facility, and business processes.  Sensors have a battery life of 6-8 years, communication range of 500 feet, and an IP66 rating.  

Swift Sensors Gateway

MSRP $330

Gateways transmit sensor measurements to the cloud via Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular Modem.  One gateway supports up to 150 sensors.  Advanced security protocols keep your networks and data safe.

Swift Sensors Monitoring and Alert Plan

MSRP $65/year/sensor

The Monitoring and Alert Plan (each sensor) provides cloud account access with thresholds, notifications, unlimited users,  measurement history, reporting, analytics and more. No Contract Required.

How Does Swift Sensors Work?

Download Vibration Measurements White Paper

Why Choose Swift Sensors

Flexible Notification Options
Custom Dashboards & Advanced Analytics
Automated Regulatory Logs & Reporting
Extended Wireless Range Up to 500 Feet
6-8 Year Battery Life
Advanced Data & Network Security
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