Secure Gateways

Transmit Data to the Cloud.  Securely.

The Gateway to Opportunity

Swift Sensors Gateways have been engineered to support all sensor and network environments.  Using advanced low-energy Bluetooth (BLE5) to balance reliable communications with long sensor battery life, a single gateway can communicate with hundreds of sensors if needed.  For more complex multiple-gateway environments, our sensors automatically connect with the gateway with the strongest signal, and will dynamically switch to others if conditions change.  With continued innovations in security using 256-bit AES Encryption and ISO 27001 protocols, Swift Sensors Gateways are the centralized communication center for all your Swift Sensors.

Swift Sensors Remote Monitoring & Alert System

Measure Anything.

Compact Wireless Sensors

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Transmit Data to
the Cloud. Securely.

Wireless Gateways

Wifi, Ethernet, or Cell Modem

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Monitor Critical
Systems & Equipment.
From Anywhere.

Monitoring Service

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Swift Sensors Secure Gateways

Key Features

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