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Protect and Optimize Your Business with Wireless Sensors

Whether you need to protect your inventory, monitor your equipment, or optimize your business processes – you need data to do it right.  With more than 30 sensor types for measuring temperature, humidity, vibration, voltage, current, water presence and more, Swift Sensors delivers the data you need.  You can install and configure our wireless sensors anywhere throughout your facility.  Using our intuitive monitoring software, you quickly configure warning and critical levels that trigger notifications via SMS text, email, or phone when measurements drift.  Get started now to protect and improve your business. 

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Swift Sensors Remote Monitoring & Alert System

Measure Anything.

Compact Wireless Sensors

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Wireless Gateways

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Monitoring Service

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Remote Monitoring Made Easy. WireLess Sensors Made Right.

Extended Communication Range with Bluetooth.
Extended Battery Life 6 – 8 Years.
Security You Can Trust
IP Rated for All Environments
One-Press Activation
Multiple Mounting Options.
Factory Calibration for Guaranteed Accuarcy
Extended Communication Range with Bluetooth.

Strong, Reliable Connectivity

With Bluetooth 5 protocols in play, our wireless sensors and gateways can communicate up to 300 feet in open environments.  With the low-energy consumption of BLE5, you get both reliable communication and long battery life in one sensor.  Read more about the advantages of our wireless communication technology in the Wireless Sensors Buyers Guide.  

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Extended Battery Life 6 – 8 Years.

Set It and Forget It

Gone are the days of using coin-cell batteries. Swift Sensors improves battery capabilities by using two AAA Lithium Polymer batteries and outperforming the competition. This gives our sensors an incredible life expectancy and performance of up to 6 – 8 years.

Security You Can Trust

Proven 256-bit Encryption

Typically, sensor to gateway communication is unsecured and subject to potential intruders. Swift Sensors introduces industry-standard 256-bit encryption to ensure maximum security when broadcasting measurements in and around your facility.

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IP Rated for All Environments

IP66 Rated Protection

Whether you have a wet or dry environment, Swift Sensors Series 3 are protected against all particles of dust, food, and jet blasts from water thus making our sensors water-resistant and completely dustproof. With improvements to our sensor enclosures, you can have peace of mind knowing your sensors will work after all washdowns.

One-Press Activation

Intuitive On/Off 

When receiving new sensors, simply pressing the physical button on the sensor once instantly turns on the sensor resulting in zero configuration and instant measurements right out of the box.

Multiple Mounting Options.

Ready For Your Facility

Swift Sensors enable customers to mount sensors easily and efficiently. With pre-drilled mounting holes and zip-tie anchor points at the sides and rear allow for quick mounting to freezer storage racks, plumbing/PVC pipes, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Factory Calibration for Guaranteed Accuarcy

Accuracy You Can Trust

We perform factory calibration procedures to guarantee our accuracy specifications so you can trust your measurements.  For customers who require documentation in highly-regulated applications, we offer calibration certificates for your sensors as well.
Customers who require annual recalibration can purchase NIST calibration service here.
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Risk-Free Starter Kit

Whether you are a prospective reseller or a new end-user, you might be intimidated by new technologies like wireless sensors. Don’t be. We are so confident that you can get up and running quickly with our system, we offer a no-risk starter kit so you can try before you buy. 

  • 30 days free of subscription charges
  • A free onboarding session with our customer success team
  • Free access to our online training videos

If you run into any issues or realize our system is not right for you, simply return the system and we’ll refund the cost. Why wait?

Featured Sensor

Top Quality Components from Reputable Sources
Our wireless sensors are designed and built only using high-quality components from reputable manufacturers for more accurate and consistent measurements and longer lifecycles with fewer disruptions.
Manufactured for durability against the elements
We apply conformal coating to all of our printed circuit boards to protect circuitry from moisture and condensation in high-humidity or outdoor environments. Our custom-designed enclosures are lined with a gasket seal to further protect against moisture and water, helping achieve our IP66 ratings.
Designed for Global Reusability
Our communication design is built on Bluetooth (BLE5) with frequency band, energy emission, and CE mark certification for global use.  No need to pick through options for your country, the same sensors work worldwide.
New Product Design Partnership
All of our new sensor designs are beta tested with our customers to validate the design, feature set, and form factors offered. Our US-based design team openly collaborates with our customers on new product ideas and concepts. If you have a need, just ask – we’d love to work with you to define a solution.

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