Custom Dashboards

Users can create dashboards that are shared with all account users. Dashboards are custom pages with a collection of panels with the data users want to see, in the order they want to see it. Some panels, such as measurement charts, provide data about one specific measurement. Other panels, such as threshold pie charts or critical lists, aggregate or filter data about all measurements in a specific container. A container can be the account, a hardware group, a measurement group, a bridge, or a sensor.

Drag-n-Drop Dashboard Support

While editing a dashboard, users can simply touch and hold the drag handle on any panel and move it to a new location. After saving, the dashboard will use the new panel order to layout the panels, starting from the upper left corner.

Combo Chart Dashboard Panel

The dashboard supports a Combo Chart panel. This panel allows up to four measurements to be rendered on the same chart, even if those measurements use different units. When all measurements do not use the same units, multiple color-coded y-axes are displayed on both the left and right sides of the chart.

Account Summary

The dashboard also supports an Account Summary panel. This panel is designed to provide a summary of the entire account including all sub-accounts. Measurement threshold status totals are shown on the left as a pie chart, broken into critical, warning, normal, and none. Abnormal hardware totals are shown on the right split into three categories: offline bridges, offline sensors, and low-battery sensors, showing both the abnormal and total counts.

Account Summary panels for many sub-accounts can be placed in a dashboard of a parent account to create a corporate overview. Clicking the left or right side of each panel automatically switches the console to that account and takes the user to the account summary page which provides more details. If the sub-account itself has sub-accounts, users can continue to drill into those sub-accounts by clicking on Account Summary panels shown in a new Sub-Accounts section.

Threshold Status Light Dashboard Panel

The dashboard supports a Threshold Status Light panel.  This panel provides the simplest possible aggregated threshold status indicator for a container of measurements.  This light will change between green (normal), yellow (warning), and red (critical), depending on the current worst status of the measurements in the container.  If no measurements in the container have a threshold, the status light will be blue (none).

Dashboard Annotations

Measurement data points can be annotated to explain the root cause of abnormal readings, describe special circumstances, or document events that affect the environment. A note can be added on the measurement details page using the note button below the chart on the far left. The slider and other navigation controls can be used to select the exact data point where a note is to be attached. Notes can also be added to gaps in the data to document network outages, power loss, or drained batteries by selecting a data gap with the slider. The note can be up to 100 characters long and appears as a gray sticky note icon on the chart. Note contents can be shown by tapping the icon or by using the slider to select the data point. Pressing the edit button on the note balloon allows the note to be edited or deleted.

Default Dashboard for Each User

Users can select their favorite dashboard to be their default view. When a dashboard is marked as the default view, the user will be taken directly to this dashboard upon signing into the Swift Sensors console. Furthermore, clicking the Dashboards icon in the navbar anytime after sign-in will bypass the dashboard list and take the user directly to their default dashboard.

Video Cameras Dashboard Panel

The dashboard supports a new Video Cameras panel which displays live video for any measurement associated with up to four Eagle Eye Networks video cameras.  When four cameras are selected, the video feed is displayed in a 2×2 grid.

Measurement List and Hardware List

The dashboard now supports two new panels: Measurement List and Hardware List. These panels allow users to monitor selected portions of the measurement list or hardware list on the dashboard. When adding a measurement or hardware panel, the user can choose to view data inside a specific measurement group or hardware group, or they can display data for the entire account.

Analytics Dashboards

  • Measurement Details: Goal Panel
  • Measurement Details: Shift Schedule Panel
  • Dashboard Analytics: Time Duration
  • Group Analytics Dashboard Panels
  • Productivity Dashboard Panel
  • Compliance Dashboard Panel
  • Utilization Dashboard Panel

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