Remote Temperature Monitoring for Restaurants and Food Service

Wireless & Bluetooth
Starting at $99


Automate Compliance Monitoring

Monitoring and logging food temperatures for compliance and food safety is an unreliable and manual process. When you place our matchbox-sized sensors in your refrigeration units, they send real-time temperatures to any device and store the information for compliance reporting – no more manual logs. With Swift Sensors you can demonstrate compliance 24/7/365, and get notified when equipment is out of range or offline so you can take immediate action. Protect your customers, patients, residents and your valuable inventory.


  • No wires to install.
  • No sensor configuration required.
  • Calibration offsets available.
  • Install in minutes.
  • Battery life approximately 6 – 8 years.


Refrigeration Package

The Swift Sensors Refrigeration Package is perfect for the real-time temperature monitoring of walk-in coolers, pharmacy refrigerators, sub-zero freezers, cold tables, and more.

Motor/Compressor Package

When it comes to monitoring access, the Swift Sensors Motor/Compressor Package will alert you whenever an entry or exit occurs. Designed for monitoring doors, gates, elevators, trailers, and more.

How Swift Sensors Works

The Swift Sensors Cloud-based Wireless Sensor System is a simple, yet cost-effective solution for automated temperature monitoring within a manufacturing plant or facility. Utilizing the best practices in security with 256-bit enterprise encryption, ISO 27001 secure data storage, and SSL encrypted communication, our system is secure upon install. To start using our system, a Swift Sensors gateway is required to sync and communicate with Swift Sensors. Once the gateway has synced with the sensors, users can begin setting up their accounts within the Swift Sensors Console.

Swift Sensors Console

The Swift Sensors Console is the control and storage center for the entire distributed sensing system. The system process and stores the sensor data with built-in redundancies. The system is scalable from a single sensor, one-site applications through multi-site enterprises with 1000s of sensor types combined in one unified system. To use the Swift Sensors Console, a basic or professional console subscription is required for sensor data storage, complex thresholds and notifications, custom dashboards, analytics, compliance reporting and more.

Features and Benefits

Automate manual food temperature logging
Access to data for HAACP and FSMA compliance reports
Get notified when food temperatures are out of range
Protect your customers, at-risk patients and residence from foodborne illnesses
Track food storage equipment health or failure 24/7/365
Give your staff time to focus on food preparation
Easy setup in 30 minutes or less
Complete control over your data upon request
Reduce inventory loss with thresholds and notifications

Swift Sensors Customers

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