Belton ISD

For over 100 years, The Belton School District #124 in Belton, Missouri has served to educate its community with a mission to provide an inclusive, diverse, and safe environment for all students. With one high school, one middle school, and six elementary schools, the district educates just over 5000 students.

In early 2019, the facilities manager for the district made a decision to automate the monitoring of temperature in the districts’ food storage and data centers. The process of manually logging temperature and humidity in and around the refrigeration units and server rooms had become a time-consuming tedious task. Additionally, he wanted to be notified of any out-of-range temperature issues to maximize food safety and prevent downtime of their equipment. Equally important was having a low-cost monitoring system that was easy to deploy and maintain.

In total Belton deployed 13 wireless sensors across five facilities in the district. The cafeteria and food storage areas have Swift Sensors Wireless Temperature Sensors, and the data centers have Swift Sensors Wireless Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Sensors. Belton facility managers and administrators now receive notifications and have access to real-time sensor information on their computers and mobile devices.

Belton ISD

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Swift Sensors System Configuration

Number of Locations5 Facilities in the district
System Overview13 Wireless Sensors
1 Standard Bridge
Wireless Sensors DeployedSS3-105 Temperature Sensor with Probe
Bridge1 Standard Gateway – 1010
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