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Protect, Manage, and Optimize Production

Managers of farms, greenhouses, and agriculture production facilities rely on key conditions to protect and optimize their output.  Temperature, humidity, moisture, and airflow are just a few of the environmental conditions that can make or break yields.  Knowing when these conditions change immediately with a remote agriculture monitoring system gives you the opportunity to quickly react and address issues before they become major losses.

Modern Solution. Smart Farming

With a remote agriculture monitoring system from Swift Sensors, you can monitor conditions across your entire facility.  Cellular modems give you options where wifi won’t reach.   With 6-8 battery life and a range of 500 feet, you can set and forget your sensors where you need them.  When your crops, cows, or cannabis conditions take a wrong turn, you’ll receive an immediate alert.

Drive Productivity with Data

Beyond simple monitoring, the Swift Sensors wireless sensor system will aggregate and store your data over time.  With our built-in analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to improve output, reduce costs, or drive up efficiency for your agriculture and farming business

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Swift Sensors Remote Monitoring & Alert System

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Monitoring Service

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Common Measurements

Remote Monitoring for Agriculture and Farming

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Swift Sensors 6 Common Equipment Failures You Can Detect with Wireless Vibration Sensors Whitepaper

Why Choose Swift Sensors

Flexible Notification Options
Custom Dashboards & Advanced Analytics
Automated Regulatory Logs & Reporting
Extended Wireless Range Up to 500 Feet
6-8 Year Battery Life
Advanced Data & Network Security

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