Aliments asta Meets canadian Health Regulations and monitors compliance


Aliments ASTA meat products are world-renowned for their high quality. Their advanced production techniques, cutting-edge equipment and innovative traceability process guarantee high added-value products. What sets them apart? The clean and even cuts of meat, the diversity of by-products, and their food safety conformity and long storage life. Fresh or frozen, their products arrive when their customers need them and are available in a variety of quantities and sizes to suit their customers needs.

The Challenge

Aliments ASTA was looking to gain insight into the performance characteristics of it’s highly complex protein processing work flow. Increasing demand with increasing food-safety oversight required out-of-the-box thinking in order to solve the problem derived from their success. With breakthroughs in semiconductors making sensors smaller and cheaper, Aliments ASTA knew they wanted a scalable solution with high visibility into their operation.

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