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Swift Sensors - Wireless Sensors for Airport Autowalk, Elevators, Escalators
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Monitor Escalator, Elevator, and Moving Walkway Equipment with Swift Sensors

Airport operations teams are turning to wireless sensors for improving their operational visibility for key equipment, including escalators, elevators, and moving walkways. Using simple contact sensors, voltage sensors, and relays, operations and maintenance engineers are able to know exactly when any of this equipment malfunctions and automatically notify the operations center or the on-site contractor

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Swift Sensors Featured in IFMA Airport Council Newsletter

Airport Facility managers face a growing challenge – support more travelers, terminal space, and systems with fewer people and lower budgets. As this reality sinks in, operation and maintenance teams are looking for ways to scale by doing more with less through technology. Wireless sensors have long promised to become the eyes and ears for

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School Cafeteria Temperature Monitoring Brochure

Protect Your Inventory. Automate Temperature Logging. View Walk-in from Your Phone. The School Cafeteria Temperature Monitoring Brochure attached provides a complete overview of the Swift Sensors system including how it works, reporting, equipment required and pricing. Protect the safety and freshness of your inventory against equipment failure and catastrophic loss Offload your busy, hard-to-find staff

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Swift Sensors - Temperature Monitoring - Bioresearch Labs

Medical Lab Monitoring Guide

Protect your inventory. Automate temperature logging. Automate daily verification. Breeze through your next inspection. The Medical Lab Monitoring Guide outlines the top 3 operational challenges facing lab managers today.  With wireless sensors, you can address these top 3 challenges to reduce your risk and optimize processes to save time and money. Download the guide to

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School Refrigeration Monitoring with Wireless Sensors

Cafeteria Food Safety Monitoring Guide

Protect Your Inventory. Automate Temperature Logging. Breeze Through Your Next Inspection. This informative white paper outlines the top 3 operational challenges facing cafeteria food services managers for school districts, hotels, corporate campuses and more.  With wireless sensors, you can address these top 3 challenges to reduce your risk and optimize your operations: To learn more

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Overcome Top Operational Challenges for Facilities Managers

Apply low-cost, agile methods to improve visibility, agility, and responsiveness with Wireless/IoT sensors As a manager of a large industrial, corporate, or hospitality facility, you have a lot to worry about. At a high level, your job is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the facility, which requires teams of people, vendors, and

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Swift Sensors - Vibration Monitoring

6 Common Equipment Failures You Can Detect with Vibration Sensors

Monitor Your Equipment. Minimize Downtime. Maximize Productivity. Monitor your equipment for early signs of deterioration so that maintenance activity can be better planned, reducing downtime and costs. This is particularly important in continuous process and manufacturing plants, where failure and downtime can be extremely costly.  Vibration is the most widely used measurement for condition monitoring,

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Vaccine Storage Monitoring by Swift Sensors

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Guide

Protect Your Inventory. Save Labor Hours. Automate Inspection Reporting. Running a lab or pharmacy involved in producing or distributing delicate vaccines and medicines can be challenging. Personal and public health issues depend on your ability to monitor and maintain these medicines at recommended temperatures. Occasionally, surprises in the form of equipment failures or health inspections

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Trends in Sensor Monitoring

The challenges of recent years – a worldwide pandemic, social unrest, unprecedented wildfires, and a near record-breaking hurricane season – have a lasting impact on the economy and major industries.  These disruptive events around the globe are the underlying catalyst for most of the industry trends we’re predicting for the future of monitoring. For example,

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