Swift Sensors Featured in IFMA Airport Council Newsletter

Airport Facility managers face a growing challenge – support more travelers, terminal space, and systems with fewer people and lower budgets. As this reality sinks in, operation and maintenance teams are looking for ways to scale by doing more with less through technology. Wireless sensors have long promised to become the eyes and ears for your service teams. Today, that promise is becoming reality as the internet of things (IoT) continues to evolve and mature for smaller, cheaper, and more functional solutions.

Swift Sensors provides a remote monitoring and alert system for food services, lab and pharmaceuticals, facilities management, and manufacturing environments. Recently, we’ve gained traction in a number of major airports because of the overall versatility, low-cost, and functionality of wireless sensors. In this article, I’ll review what our airport customers are able to do with wireless sensors and how they address some of the unique challenges in a large facility.

Download the Spring 2023 IFMA Airport Council Newsletter attached for more insights into how airport facilities managers are taking advantage of wireless sensors in their facilities.

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