Two Technology Companies Join Forces to Bring Greater Efficiency to Businesses

Two Technology Companies Join Forces to Bring Greater Efficiency to Businesses

business efficiencyWe are officially partnered with Long Range Systems (LRS), a global provider of paging, tracking, and customer intelligence tools to offer VEN-U Sensors. Together, we will provide more efficient and consistent wireless solutions to businesses.

Both LRS and Swift Sensors technology solve different business challenges, but together we provide a system of wireless sensors offering businesses assurance that environmental data such as temperature, humidity, door access, vibration and water presence are being monitored and recorded around the clock. When a desired threshold is breached, VEN-U Sensors deliver immediate alerts via SMS text, email and/or phone call.

We have combined forces to help businesses avoid losses and spoilage from poorly maintained equipment and procedures.  In the restaurant sector, we assist in the prevention of devastating food loss and health risks that may be caused if a walk-in freezer door is left slightly ajar.  Ven-U Sensors also assist facilities should their HVAC system malfunction, notifying facility managers before damage to expensive equipment occurs.

Maintaining an optimal environment is a critical factor in business such as restaurants, industrial warehouses, data centers, cold-chain transportation and property management companies. With VEN-U Sensors in place, owners have peace-of-mind knowing that if procedures or pieces of equipment falter, they will be immediately notified and can take steps to remedy the issue before it worsens. Whether a temperature increases or decreases, a piece of equipment stops vibrating, water is present where it shouldn’t be and more, VEN-U Sensors report inconsistencies and protect your business and customers.

“By adding sensor monitoring of critical equipment and processes, a variety of businesses automate data collection, improve safety and ensure compliance all while improving the quality of their product or service,” said Sam Cece, Founder and CEO of Swift Sensors. “Our partnership with LRS will bring IoT sensor technology to the large and growing base of LRS customers worldwide.”

“Businesses succeed when they have exceptional communication, whether that is using LRS products to communicate with or locate people, or a VEN-U Sensor alerting an operator of a system failure. We’re delighted to be partnering with Swift Sensors to provide business managers with tools that enable smart, efficient operations,” said John Weber, President & CEO of LRS.

We’re excited about this partnership, and we look forward to a continued relationship with Long Range Systems.  If you want to add the benefits and simplicity of wireless sensor monitoring to your business, contact us today.

No wires to connect. No software to install. No technicians needed to deploy.

business efficiency

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