Remote Temperature Monitoring System to Improve Productivity

Remote Temperature Monitoring System to Improve Productivity

digital manufacturingWhen you’re producing some of the most popular food products in North America, your manufacturing process is of the utmost importance.  Kraft Heinz is famous for their macaroni and cheese, their large family of salad dressings, and A1 sauce.  These products load the pantries and dinner tables of families across the continent.  With the massive production at the Kraft Heinz plant, relying on human monitoring is not an option. An automated process such as a remote temperature monitoring system or something more robust than manual monitoring was called for. That’s where we come in.  Kraft Heinz uses our wireless sensor system to create an intelligent, digital manufacturing process.

At the Kraft Heinz processing plant, there are a number of ingredients that have to be monitored for temperatures to comply with the strict guidelines of their food production.  In addition, the numerous amounts of compressors, motors, and other working parts that are used to produce and cool the products all require a specific level of monitoring as well.  While the plant had some systems in place, plant managers wanted more insight into their production operations.

Engineers within the Kraft Heinz plant were charged to find a better solution for real-time monitoring and notification.  They chose to go with a large wireless sensor system from us.  This system monitors temperature and humidity in the temperature sensitive areas of the warehouse and plant.  Using real-time monitoring, Swift Sensors provides immediate notification if any temperatures are in danger of exceeding the defined thresholds.

Kraft Heinz experienced a tremendous level of success with their wireless sensor system, including the productivity from no longer needing manual data logging.  With this success, they decided to add wireless vibration sensors to monitor their compressors and pumps.  With these sensors, any movement of the machinery that is outside the norm is recorded and sent to the proper QA and maintenance personnel to handle the issue.

Kraft Heinz has also added our wireless 4-20mA sensors.  As is typical in most industrial plants, the existing automation and control equipment includes sensors and transducers that transmit their measured values via a 4- 20ma current loop.  Our wireless 4-20mA sensor creates a bridge between all of these sensors to compile all of the data in one simple and convenient location.

Because our wireless sensors are small and battery powered, they can be placed in any location without modification or changes to the current equipment and control system.  As a result, Kraft-Heinz has been able to monitor important areas of the plant without a large increase in their maintenance budget.

Our sensors can protect your manufacturing plant from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product with a few simple steps.  Whether you’re a huge plant like Kraft Heinz, or you’ve got a small production facility, we can help.  Let us improve your manufacturing productivity, increase quality, and prevent loss from with our wireless sensor system.

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