Swift Sensors Expands Offering for Monitoring AC and DC Power Systems

Swift Sensors Expands Offering for Monitoring AC and DC Power Systems

New Sensors Deliver Insights to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Energy Consumption, and Protect Against Equipment Failure

AUSTIN, Tex. (March 2, 2021) — Swift Sensors (www.swiftsensors.com), a provider of wireless industrial IoT sensor solutions, introduced five new wireless voltage and current meters for monitoring AC and DC power systems.  The sensors are used in facilities and manufacturing plants to monitor equipment and building power usage to optimize for efficiency and cost savings.       

“Power represents one of the largest expenses for a facility.  However, it can be difficult to determine where or how these costs can be managed or reduced,” said Ray Almgren, CEO of Swift Sensors.  “Our new current and voltage sensors give users the ability to track consumption at the site, circuit, or machine level.  With this visibility and insight, facility managers can make informed decisions to conserve and reduce power usage across their facility.”  

In addition to monitoring consumption, users can look for anomalies in current consumption or voltage levels that impact machine performance and efficiency.  Power sags, surges, and spikes caused from motors, industrial equipment, or lighting systems cycling on can impact power quality across your plant.  With wireless monitors, facility managers can understand how changing conditions impact their most important or sensitive equipment and take measures to improve efficiency or protect against failures.  

Expanding Measurement Capability

The new SS3-617-30/100/200 AAC Wireless AC Current Meters measures the current consumption from low-power equipment (machinery, servers, HVAC systems, and appliances) to industrial high-power systems including industrial generators, commercial kitchens, server farms, charging stations, and manufacturing systems.  

The new SS3-611 and SS3-613 DC Wireless DC Voltage Meters measure voltage ranges from 0-30VDC and 0-50VDC for monitoring low-voltage systems, battery-powered systems, automotive and aircraft applications, and portable solar systems.  With multiple ranges available, users can match the appropriate sensor for monitoring 12V, 24V, or 48V DC power systems.

The new wireless AC current and DC voltage meters adds to the list of electrical and industrial measurement capabilities of Swift Sensors, bringing the complete electrical measurement capabilities to:

  • AC Voltage measurements up to 500VAC
  • DC Voltage measurements up to 50VDC
  • AC Current measurements up to 200AAC
  • 4-20mA interface for traditional industrial sensors
  • 0-10VDC interface for traditional industrial sensors
  • Contact/Switch sensor

Remote Monitoring and Alert System

With the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system, users can place compact wireless sensors throughout their facility and transmit their data to the cloud.  Using the Swift Sensors console, users can view real-time displays, historical data charts, perform analysis, generate reports, and receive real-time alerts when measurement values breach critical thresholds.  The Swift Sensors system is ideal for managers of large, distributed industrial, corporate, or hospitality facilities, with measurement capabilities for:

  • Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point
  • Vibration, Acceleration, Tilt
  • Electrical (Voltage, Current)
  • Activity (open/close, movement)
  • Water Presence

About Swift Sensors 

Swift Sensors is a wireless IoT company specializing in low-cost cloud-based sensor solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Its flagship product, the Swift Sensors Cloud Wireless Sensor System, combines low-power wireless sensors with cloud-based monitoring, notifications, analytics and reporting to monitor and protect equipment and processes for customers in manufacturing, food service, facility management, lab and pharmaceutical industries.  


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