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Swift Sensors Series 3


The Next Generation of Wireless Monitoring Starts Here.

Swift Sensors Series 3 brings new life into our already robust and powerful wireless monitoring system. Series 3 replaces and improves our most popular wireless sensors and provides an even greater range of usage, reliability, and performance. Using a custom-built PCB, Nordic’s nRF52840 SoC, and the latest in BLE 5 communication protocols, Series 3 outperforms our previous generation in all its categories.

Most Popular Wireless Sensor Monitoring Packages.


The Swift Sensors Vaccine Package is ideal for pharmaceutical companies to store and monitor temperatures of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine in real-time.


The Swift Sensors Refrigeration Package is perfect for the real-time temperature monitoring of walk-in coolers, pharmacy refrigerators, sub-zero freezers, cold tables, and more.


When it comes to monitoring access, the Swift Sensors Motor/Compressor Package will alert you whenever an entry or exit occurs. Designed for monitoring doors, gates, elevators, trailers, and more.


The Swift Sensors CNC/Press Package is designed specifically for monitoring the g-force vibration levels of industrial equipment such as pumps, compressors, and rotating machinery.

One-Press Activation.

When receiving new sensors, simply pressing the physical button on the sensor once instantly turns on the sensor resulting in zero configuration and instant measurements right out of the box.

battery powered

Extended Battery Life 6 – 8 Years.

Gone are the days of using coin-cell batteries. Series 3 upgrades its battery capabilities by using two AAA Lithium Polymer batteries. This gives our sensors an incredible life expectancy and performance of up to 6 – 8 years.

Improved Communication Range with BLE5.

With BLE 5 protocols in play, Series 3 has extended the communication between the sensor and gateway by up to 100m. The same distance as an American football field.

Status at a Glance.

Series 3 gateways and sensors now include LED lights that reflect the exact status of equipment. Having visual indicators makes setup and maintenance a snap.

Even More Mounting Options.

Swift Sensors Series 3 enables customers to mount sensors more easily and efficiently. With pre-drilled mounting holes and zip-tie anchor points at the sides and rear allow for quick mounting to freezer storage racks, plumbing/PVC pipes, and more. The possibilities are endless.

IP Rated For All Environments.

Whether you have a wet or dry environment, Swift Sensors Series 3 are protected against all particles of dust, food, and jet blasts from water thus making our sensors water-resistant and completely dustproof.* With improvements to our sensor enclosures, you can have peace of mind knowing your sensors will work after all washdowns.

*Only available on the following sensors: SS3-102, SS3-202, SS3-203, SS3-501, and SS3-502.

Enhanced Security.

Typically, sensor to gateway communication is unsecured and subject to potential intruders. Series 3 introduces industry-standard 128-bit encryption to ensure maximum security when broadcasting measurements in and around your facility.


Meet the Lineup

The Gateway to Opportunity.

Swift Sensors Series 3 Gateways have been reengineered to support all sensor and network environments. With continued innovations in security using 256-bit AES Encryption and ISO 27001 protocols, the Series 3 Gateways becomes the centralized command center for all your Swift Sensors.

Capabilities Gateways
Swift Sensors 1010 Gateway Gateway 1010 Swift Sensors 1012 Gateway Gateway 1012 - LED - 10-15-20 - 02a
Up to 100m communication distance
Up to 150 Series 3 Sensor Connections
256-bit SSL Encryption to the Swift Sensors Cloud
Front Panel LED Connectivity Status
Optional Cellular Modem Addon
Backward Compatible with Series 2 Sensors

Threaded Power and I/O

The Swift Sensors Series 3 Gateway is now equipped with a threaded barrel 110/220V AC power connector to ensure reliability and reduce any accidental disconnections. Both Series 3 Gateway 1010 and 1012 feature two USB 3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity*.

*The Series 3 Gateway can also be powered using Power-over-Ethernet capabilities by using active PoE (IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at).

Connection Status Indicators.

Swift Sensors Series 3 Gateways now include a status indicator light in which a user can quickly assess the connectivity status to Swift Sensors servers. 

White (Indicates the Power-on Sequence for your gateway.)

Red (Indicates you’re offline, you may need to restart your router.)

Yellow (Indicates you’re connected, but service may be unavailable)

Green (Indicates you’re connected to our Swift Sensor Servers)

Gateway 1012 - Power Connector - Antenna - Stand - 10-21-20 - 02

Backward Compatibility.

The Swift Sensors Series 3 Gateway 1012 was created to bridge compatibility with all Swift Sensors Series 2 and Series 3 sensor systems. If you have Series 2 Sensors deployed in your facility and would like to adopt Series 3 while keeping your existing sensors, then the 1012 Gateway is the ideal solution. The 1012 Gateway can connect up to 150 Series 3 Sensors and 50 Series 2 Sensors.

Connect Anywhere, Anytime.

To better serve customers with little to no internet connectivity, we partnered with Brivo to create a Cellular Network Modem that provides cellular connectivity using AT&T or T-Mobile networks. The Swift Sensors Cellular Network Modem seamlessly connects to a 1010 or 1012 Gateway via USB. With advanced security protocols and advanced software engineering, your data is safe and protected during use.

Standing at Attention

To reduce the risk of accidental spills, ingress, or electrical surges, we developed a custom-made Gateway Stand to elevate your Series 3 Gateway. Whether you place your Gateway in an office or out on your production floor, this ensures it’s protected from accidents. And with pre-drilled mounting holes, we made it easy to mount it virtually anywhere.

The Swift Sensors Console; The Center of Everything.

The Swift Sensors Console is the control and storage center for the entire distributed sensing system. The system processes and stores the sensor data with built-in redundancies. The system is scalable from a single sensor, one-site applications through multi-site enterprises with 1000s of sensor types combined in one system. With continued updates and improvements, The Swift Sensors Console provides world-class monitoring and control of your Series 2 and Series 3 sensor systems. To gain access to the Console, a Cloud Monitoring and Alert Service plan must be purchased with any Swift Sensors hardware.

Swift Sensors Cloud Console

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