Start-Ups Bring Simple, Affordable Video Alerts to IoT

Start-Ups Bring Simple, Affordable Video Alerts to IoT

A pair of start-ups are teaming to deliver simple, cloud-based sensor intelligence and video surveillance to applications ranging from food processing and transportation to restaurants and factories.

Swift Sensors, Inc. and Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. want to bring a one-two punch to businesses, enabling them to monitor equipment via both sensor data and video, and do it without the need for programming. “The whole purpose is to give our customers a much quicker understanding of the root cause of a problem,” Ray Almgren, chief marketing officer for Swift Sensors, told Design News. “Instead of just sending a notification that says, ‘It’s 45° in your cooler,’ this could give them a snapshot that tells the them the cooler door is open.”…

Swift Sensors announced the sensor capability in 2016. It has since engaged in applications with Kraft Heinz Co. in Champaign, IL, as well as with Sysco Foods and McDonald’s. Earlier this week, it said it was teaming with Eagle Eye to do enhanced video notifications. The two link the video and data through a specially-designed application program interface (API). Known as a “restful” API, it uses HTTP to request and post data, so that when a user receives a sensor notification, the API finds a synchronized video snapshot and sends that, as well.

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