Enhanced Video Notifications

Enhanced Video Notifications

Swift Sensors has recently added Swift Sensors Enhanced Video Notifications, which adds real-time video snapshots to the company’s email notifications and dashboard.  Through a partnership with Eagle Eye Networks, Inc., customers can view synchronized real-time video and sensor data to identify issues with their equipment and quickly solve the root cause of a problem.

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The Swift Sensors Enhanced Video Notification places up to four images from multiple cameras in an email notification corresponding to the exact time of the notification event.  Upon receipt of the notification, users can log into their Swift Sensors Dashboard to view before and after video of the environment and equipment located by the sensor(s) that generated the notification.  Seamless integration of the Swift Sensors Dashboard and Eagle Eye cloud video management system allows simple configuration to enable the enhanced video notification and synchronized video monitoring.

Example Applications

Cloud Storage Monitoring – Cold storage facilities frequently exceed temperature thresholds when doors are left open or do not shut properly. A video snapshot of an open walk-in cooler can identify an immediate solution to a potentially dangerous food spoilage issue.

Building Security – Combining information from a door sensor and a video camera gives building security immediate confirmation of why a door has been left open for an extended period. After receiving an alert from a door sensor that has a sensor that has detected a door open longer than what is expected, a security manager can immediately view video footage and take immediate action if needed.

Property Management – Water damage occurs in properties due to inclement weather and failures in plumbing, irrigation, and sewage systems. Correlating a water presence notification from a sensor along with the video of outside weather conditions and critical building locations can prevent costly water damage that would otherwise go undetected.

For more information, please read our press release.

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