Greater efficiency, lower expenditures with cloud analytics

Greater efficiency, lower expenditures with cloud analytics

Industrial IoT systems from Swift Sensors track manufacturing productivity, utilization, and compliance.

Austin, TX: Swift Sensors, Inc. a supplier of plug-and-play cloud wireless sensors systems for Industrial IoT, announced the release and successful deployment of its Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard in major manufacturing operations. The manufacturing analytics improve operational efficiency by providing an at-a-glance view of productivity, utilization, and compliance measured by Swift Sensors wireless sensor system. The development of the features in the analytics dashboard were driven by requests from manufacturers already using Swift Sensors.

Engineers at a major aerospace manufacturer initially deployed Swift Sensors one year ago. The initial deployment success led to further adoption in other facilities world-wide. As a result, the manufacturer can now determine the actual utilization of each workstation on a shift-by-shift basis, yielding an ROI of 100x.

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