Swift Sensors Successfully Deploys Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard

Swift Sensors Successfully Deploys Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard

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Most of today’s discussion of IoT and Industrial IoT centers on autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and wearable smart devices. Swift Sensors has developed an Industrial IoT solution for the commercial market using low-cost wireless sensors and integrated cloud-based analytics.

Swift Sensors recently deployed our Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard in major manufacturing operations. The analytics will help to improve operational efficiency by providing an at-a-glance view of productivity, utilization, and compliance measured by Swift Sensors wireless industrial sensors and controls system.

All features of the dashboard are available to Swift Sensors customers through a low annual subscription to the cloud dashboard and analytics, with configurations optimized for the size of the facility.

The implementation of wireless sensor systems (vibration amplitude sensor, humidity sensors, etc.) and cloud-based manufacturing analytics enables any manufacturing system, regardless of age or network connectivity, to be monitored to improve efficiency.

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