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Wireless sensors can help fill the gap in maintenance techs

As manufacturers work to rebound from pandemic-related disruptions, one of the obstacles they face is a growing shortage of maintenance technicians. These workers were already in short supply before the pandemic, and now the problem is even worse. While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job openings for machinery maintenance workers and similar

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Remote Sensors Help Bakeries Face Higher Demand with Fewer Workers

Wireless sensor networks can help bakeries work more efficiently, maintain product and employee safety, reduce unplanned downtime and meet rising demand even when workers are hard to find. The demand for comfort food during 2020 drove up sales of sweet goods, and now that bakery cafes and restaurants are reopening in many areas, the overall

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Swift Sensors, Cloud, Managed Services

I had a friend who has since retired who speculated on what one could do with the data from sensors installed all over a large petroleum or petro-chemical production facility. Just think of what you could know in order to be able to manage the entire facility, he’d exclaim. Recently I interviewed a team at

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How Cloud Sensors Increase Sensibility for VSaaS

Wireless Cloud-based sensors can be deployed in places they’ve never been used so organizations can gain valuable insights into their operations with actionable data. For decades, alarm dealers have attached simple sensors to send an alert if a basement is flooding or the temperature dropped in a boiler room, for example. Today, wireless Cloud-based sensors

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MSPs Can Grow Their Managed IoT Services with Sensor Technology

Businesses in many industries turned to remote sensor networks during the pandemic to help manage employee and customer safety and to allow remote monitoring of production and processes. The pivot to IoT solutions also helped many businesses operate more efficiently and provide better customer service, which means IoT is becoming a must-have in many sectors.   Thanks in part to the increased demand for

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Remote monitoring lets refrigeration service providers add value and increase revenue

Temperature control is crucial for any business that relies on refrigeration, from vaccine manufacturers and food production plants to local pharmacies, restaurants and grocery stores. When a refrigeration problem arises, these businesses need it resolved fast, before temperature excursions spoil their products. By adding remote temperature sensors to their clients’ equipment, refrigeration service providers can

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