United Service Company

Refrigeration Meets Real-Time Monitoring

Established in 1953, United Service Company is a family-owned and operated service company providing fast skilled service from Boston MA to Portland ME. With ever-evolving technologies and the need to innovate for rapid growth and exceptional customer satisfaction, United Service Co. sought out a wireless sensor solution to bring their services to the next level. 

Quality Service Gets an Upgrade

United Service Co. serves customers far and wide from residential and commercial applications such as hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, factories, supermarkets, and more. With increasing demand to deliver fast and efficient customer service, United Service Co. looked toward Swift Sensors to deliver an all-in-one wireless sensor system that featured useful monitoring applications such as temperature, humidity, water-detection, and vibration. 

Turnkey state of the art sensor monitoring

With the Swift Sensors wireless temperature monitoring and alert system, deploying a scalable, state-of-the-art sensor monitoring platform throughout a nationwide network of refrigeration repair companies now includes:

  • Real-time data monitoring available from any laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Immediate, real-time notifications if temperatures go above or below user-defined thresholds.
  • Completely scalable nation-wide sensor network with multiple user-defined temperature requirements across numerous locations.
  • Compliance reporting based on historical data required by regulatory agencies.

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