Overcome Top Operational Challenges for Facilities Managers

Apply low-cost, agile methods to improve visibility, agility, and responsiveness with Wireless/IoT sensors

As a manager of a large industrial, corporate, or hospitality facility, you have a lot to worry about. At a high level, your job is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the facility, which requires teams of people, vendors, and contractors managing millions of dollars of equipment and services to make things run smoothly.

What makes managing these core responsibilities even more challenging is a collection of fundamental operational “hurdles” that you must overcome.  We’ve identified these 5 operational challenges as ones that add the most complexity, cost, and hazard to your ability to do your job:

  • Large, distributed physical plant
  • Heterogeneous equipment/software environment
  • Rigid/hard-to-change infrastructure
  • Limited access to controlled, confined, or hazardous areas
  • Lack of visibility into changing conditions

To learn more, download the white paper “Address Top 5 Operational Challenges of Facilities Managers”

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