Mountville Mills Inc

Mountville Mills Inc. manufactures rubber-backed floor mats for the textile rental industry. Its products include décor, safety, greeting, no drug, supermarket, place, anti-fatigue, and germ stopper mats.

Mountville Mills was in search of a wireless sensor system a variety of functions within the factory. They needed to ensure the integrity of their fabrication stations at all times. Meggitt also wanted to optimize their factory workflows. Additionally, they wanted to be able to have access to real-time information regardless of time of day.

Utilizing the Swift Sensor Bridges 1010 along with Swift Sensor wireless temperature, door, vibration and Voltage Detection sensors, Mountville is now capable of viewing their real-time information in one screen and from their mobile devices ensuring that all is well at the factory.

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Download PDF of Mountville Mills Inc. Success Story

Swift Sensor BridgeSS-BRG-1010
Types of SensorsSS-SEN-101 Wireless Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Sensor
SS-SEN-105 Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor
SS-SEN-201B Wireless Vibration Sensor
SS-SEN-301 Wireless Door Sensor
SS-SEN-611 Wireless 0 – 50 VDC Voltage Meter Sensor
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