Home Medical Test Company Protects Their Business and Automates Process

A popular consumer home medical test company enables their customers to get tested for many different conditions such as allergies, metabolism, STDs, and screening for disease. In the privacy of their own home, customers collect samples – blood, saliva, stool, or tissue swabs depending on the test – and mail them in to the company for analysis. After the samples are analyzed and results are prepared, customers are mailed their results or can log in to view them online.

The company had two major challenges they had to overcome:

1. As a new approach to laboratory testing – self-collection of tissue samples at home – the company had to ensure trust, accuracy, and comfort for their customers. If they encountered any quality or accuracy issues, customers would reject this new approach and return to traditional methods for testing. As the company continues to add more tests to their product line, repeat business from loyal customers is critical to their success, so they have to guarantee accurate analysis every time…. Read More

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