IoT Temperature Sensor System Gets an Upgrade

IoT Temperature Sensor System Gets an Upgrade

Swift Sensors Architecture

Swift Sensors announces enhancements for partners, resellers, and third-party developers to add wireless sensor data and analytics to their existing products and services. Swift Sensors provides a wide array of sensor technology including an IoT monitoring platform, vibration monitoring, and wireless sensors to improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity. The Swift Sensors suite of IoT monitoring tools gives your business improved efficiencies (i.e. remote temperature and humidity monitoring) so your team can focus on the tasks that matter most.

These enhancements benefit our partners by:

  • Generating an additional recurring monthly revenue stream for Systems Integrators and Resellers
  • Adding low-cost cloud wireless systems to suppliers of existing products without having to develop a system from the ground up
  • Improving food safety and reducing costs with 24/7 temperature monitoring for companies supplying systems to the Restaurant and Hospitality industry

Many companies are struggling to understand how to integrate IoT into their products and services in a valuable and meaningful way.   There’s a proliferation of development tools, protocols, and platforms.  With Swift Sensors, companies can connect directly to a fully functioning wireless sensor system to add critical insights into their customer’s operations with the Swift Sensor wireless temperature sensor, humidity sensors, museum temperature monitoring or a number of other offerings.

The new integration tools for partners include branded dashboards, nested sub- accounts for multi-account admin users, expanded language support, a video camera dashboard panel, API docs for third-party developers, and bridge comments for L2 Partner Support.

video camera dashboard panel

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