Wireless Sensor Technology Comes to the RFMA Show

Wireless Sensor Technology Comes to the RFMA Show

RFMA show

Swift Sensors will exhibit at the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Show, held Sunday, February 10-Tuesday, February 12. We’ll be attending with our partner, Long Range Sensors (LRS), also known as Ven-U sensors.

Both LRS and Swift Sensors technology solve different business challenges, but together we provide a system of wireless sensors offering businesses assurance that environmental data such as temperature, humidity, door access, vibration and water presence are being monitored and recorded around the clock. When a desired threshold is breached, VEN-U Sensors deliver immediate alerts via SMS text, email and/or phone call.

Maintaining an optimal environment is a critical factor for restaurants. With VEN-U Sensors in place, restaurant owners have peace-of-mind knowing that if procedures or pieces of equipment falter, they will be immediately notified and can take steps to remedy the issue before it worsens. Whether a temperature increases or decreases, a piece of equipment stops vibrating, water is present where it shouldn’t be and more, VEN-U Sensors report inconsistencies and protect your business and customers.

Click here to see what our partnership offers the restaurant industry. And, be sure to stop by booth 1235 at the show to learn more about the benefits of cloud-based monitoring for restaurants.

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