Safety Sentries: Temperature Monitoring Systems

Safety Sentries: Temperature Monitoring Systems

We’ve read enough in the news recently about food safety failures at several major chains; it should give everyone pause that even the most well-established enterprises are at risk when systems aren’t in place…

Sensor Selection
Choose your monitors and/or monitoring system based on your priorities. Adhering to a HACCP plan and making it easier and more foolproof is one goal. Preventing the loss of inventory is another, as is saving energy or deterring employee theft. One type of monitor or monitoring system may help you achieve all those goals, but you may have other goals as well.

A leading chain’s fast-food franchisee in New York, for example, wanted a better way to monitor and manage four areas in his 12 stores—food spoilage, water on walk-in and electrical closet floors, walk-in doors, and the cash safe in each unit. Wireless sensors monitor these areas continuously, so managers don’t have to, and send alerts via text and email through an online dashboard.

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