Restaurants can save with IoT and the Cloud

Restaurants can save with IoT and the Cloud

In the restaurant business there are rules and guidelines set forth by the food and health administrations such as cleanliness and specific temperatures for food storage and Swift Sensors can save restaurants with their sensor network.

Swift Sensors provides a cloud based sensor network to monitor temperature, humidity, water presence… it has applicaitons in walk-in coolers, freezers, prep-lines and ovens.

“With the ubiquity of smartphones, people expect to have access to data and be notified on these devices,” said Ray Almgren, chief marketing officer at Swift Sensors.

That’s about one-tenth the cost of traditional solutions, Almgren said, and the expense is quickly recouped…

“The peace of mind of knowing the food is always kept at a safe temperature — even when the restaurant is closed — is difficult to calculate, but extremely important in ensuring the quality, reputation and brand of a restaurant,” said Almgren.

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