Getting Data Fast and Cheap in the IIoT

Getting Data Fast and Cheap in the IIoT

Imagine a factory where a quick glance at our phones or tablets will tell us everything we need to know about inventory, maintenance, output, and more. A swipe of a finger on a touchscreen could adjust production lines to market fluctuations. Such capabilities are not a vision of some far-off future; they’re here today and more affordable than you think. To make sure you are investing properly in your manufacturing future, this article covers three affordable ways to implement the Industrial Internet of Things: developer boards, wireless sensors, and plug-and-play systems and why and how companies are already using them…

An engineer needs time to learn how to use the developer board well enough to handle their individual problems. Identify the problem and what should be changed. “When I used an IoT solution to help Kraft food production, I never used the term IoT,” says Sam Cece, CEO of Swift Sensors Inc. “They don’t need the engineering specks or buzzwords. They just need, for example, a notification when the temperature of the vinegar fluctuates more than they want it to.”

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