Facilities Management Water Leak Detection

A water leak can occur at a commercial or residential facility at any time, including after hours and on the weekends. It’s critical to address the situation as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of costly damage to property, equipment, or inventory, as well as potential losses from production downtime or tenant displacement.

The  Wireless Water Detection Puck  from Swift Sensors can be placed on the floor or mounted. When water is detected, an instant alert is sent to a desktop or mobile device, enabling a fast response.


Measure Anything Anywhere

Swift Sensors empowers business leaders to support healthy, safe, secure, and energy efficient working environments. We offer over 30 types of sensors that monitor environmental conditions, facility infrastructure, equipment, and inventory.

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Real Time Water Leak Detection

Swift Sensors Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Swift Sensors Wireless Sensors

MSRP $200

Water Detection Sensors are completely wireless and monitor your facility 24/7.  Sensors have a battery life of 6-8 years, communication range of 500 feet, and an IP66 rating.  

Swift Sensors Gateway

MSRP $330

Gateways transmit sensor measurements to the cloud via Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular Modem.  One gateway supports up to 150 sensors.  Advanced security protocols keep your networks and data safe.

Swift Sensors Monitoring and Alert Plan

MSRP $65/year/sensor

The Monitoring and Alert Plan (each sensor) provides cloud account access with thresholds, notifications, unlimited users,  measurement history, reporting, analytics and more. No Contract Required.


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