Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor

Swift Sensors wireless water detection sensors are designed specifically for detecting water leaks and water presence in buildings, condos, server rooms, basements, and more.

Swift Sensors - Water Leak Detection

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  • Instant Alerts
  • Prevent & Minimize Flood Damage
  • Dispatch Repair Teams Faster
  • Decrease Tenant Complaints
  • Prevent Major Leaks Before They Occur
  • Independent, Cellular Network Available

Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor


Swift Sensors Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor detects the presence of water. This sensor is ideal for monitoring and preventing property damage from water leaks and flooding. When a detection event occurs, notifications can be sent via SMS text, email, and phone call. The sensor enclosure is water-resistant, protected against the effects of temporary submersion, and dustproof with a rating of IP67. View Datasheet

Swift Sensors - Water Detection Sensors

Front View

The puck sensor is approximately 4 inches in diameter and can be mounted to a wall or placed on the floor.

Swift Sensors - Water Detection Sensors

Side View

The small sensor is  approximately 1.5 inches in height and can fit in very small spaces for full coverage. 

Swift Sensors - Water Detection Sensors

Back View

Padded feet keep the sensor in place and provide stability for accurate readings vertically or horizontally.

Swift Sensors - How it Works

Swift Sensors uses small wireless sensors to monitor your facility for water leaks or the presence of water.  

As soon as a water is detected, an alert is logged and sent allowing you to react fast and minimize costly repairs.
You can view your entire building portfolio in a single dashboard right from your phone.  There are no cables to run and no software to install.

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Network Security is our Foundation

Swift Sensors - Security Document

Security Protocols

Read about our extensive cloud security protocols and practices. Swift Sensors can connect to the internet using our cellular cloud network, bypassing any local network access.

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