Ensuring an Unbroken Cold Chain for Vaccine Safety

We’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, as health officials, clinics and pharmacies work to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. With individual and public health at new risk from potentially more contagious virus variants, the quality of every dose of vaccine matters. As powerful as the

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How pharmacies can safeguard Covid-19 vaccine doses

Best practices for pharmacies in storage, monitoring and maintenance of their Covid vaccine shipments Pharmacies across the US are stepping up their role in the country’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout. More states are turning to pharmacies to offer shots at their retail locations, as overwhelmed health districts and hospitals struggle to keep pace with public health

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Vibration and temperature monitoring from afar

Remote sensing helps customer service reps solve equipment issues faster, deliver better customer experience Remote work isn’t only for office workers. With IIoT-connected sensors installed on their products, equipment manufacturers can provide faster, safer customer service even without making a service call. That can improve customer experience at a time when B2B needs to meet

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These Tools Can Help You Maintain your COVID Vaccine Cold Chain

As coronavirus vaccine campaigns expand and more vaccines prepare to come to market, the cold chain has been getting a lot of attention, not just in manufacturing and transportation trade media but in mass media outlets like CNN and The New York Times. An unbroken cold chain for other vaccines and pharmaceutical products has always

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Swift Sensors Launches Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor to Meet COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring and Storage Requirements

24/7 cloud-based wireless monitoring ensures vaccines are stored throughout the cold chain in the required sub-zero temperature ranges down to -100°C. AUSTIN, Tex. — Swift Sensors (, a provider of industrial IoT sensor solutions, announces the launch of its secure wireless vaccine storage unit monitoring and alert system to enable medical facilities and pharmacies to

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