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School Cafeteria Temperature Monitoring

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Swift Sensors School Temperature Monitoring Brochure

Lifetime Warranty on Gateways, 2 Year Warranty on Sensors

FAQ - School Cafeteria Temperature Monitoring

Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system is a simple, low-cost approach to monitor your valuable inventory, equipment, and facilities.  Choose from 30 different sensors to measure temperature, humidity, vibration, power, door open/close, water events, and more.  Monitor the data directly from your phone and receive an email or text immediately when measurements drift into danger levels.  With Swift Sensors, you can be up and running in minutes and protect your assets, equipment, and peace of mind for years. 

Food Directors and Cafeteria Managers have one of 3 common types  of temperature monitoring systems:

  • Nothing – Some managers are willing to take their chances and risk losing time, money, and customer trust from a major equipment failure and catastrophic inventory loss.
  • Employee-Based – Other managers will use employees to monitor equipment, log temperatures, and report on any issues they see in the walk-in cooler or freezer operation.
  • Wireless – Still other managers choose a wireless automated restaurant temperature monitoring system to remotely monitor temperatures and send alerts when issues start to appear.

Cafeteria Managers experience a number of benefits when they use an restaurant temperature monitoring system, including:

  • Be the First to Know – Rather than getting surprised with major problems in the morning or after a long weekend when equipment fails, you can get an immediate alert when your freezers or coolers show their first signs of trouble.  With an automated text, email, or phone call from the system, you know exactly when equipment is showing the signs of failure so you can act fast to save your inventory and get your cooler repaired.
  • Offload Busy Staff – It’s hard to hire and train reliable staff.  Rather than ask them to do the tedious work of  manually checking and logging temperatures throughout the day, automate the process with a restaurant temperature monitoring system.  Not only will your employees appreciate more time to focus on the customer, you will get more complete and more accurate temperature logs.
  • Reduce Your Risk – When you have thousands of dollars of inventory stored in a cooler or freezer, equipment failure is a huge business risk.  Not only do you lose the inventory, you also have to spend all your time getting things back in place – assessing the damage, clearing out the spoiled inventory, reordering and restocking replacements, modifying menus, or even closing until you are back up and running.  The financial risk is great, and the risk of alienating your loyal customers is even greater.  
  • Improve Quality – When food is stored at incorrect temperatures, the taste, freshness, and safety can be impacted.  With a restaurant temperature monitoring system, you not only know when equipment fails, you can also track its performance in general, and schedule maintenance to keep it operating properly and your food at its best.
  • Compliance with USDA Regulations – Many businesses are required to comply with safety regulations from the USDA.  Don’t leave it to chance – your temperature logs prove that you are in compliance when you have an automated restaurant temperature monitoring system in place.
  • Streamline Inspections – Many health inspectors ask for temperature logs right up front when they visit restaurants for inspection.  A complete and accurate report for all of your freezers and coolers can set the tone for your next inspection.  
  • Better Insights – When you have an automated restaurant temperature monitoring system, you’ll have all of your historical data available at your fingertips.  With this historical data, you will gain valuable insight into how you optimize your processes and predict when equipment may require maintenance.

An automated school cafeteria temperature monitoring system is comprised of the following components:

  • Sensors for measuring temperature, humidity as well as leak events, power consumption, open doors, and more.
  • A Gateway that communicates with each sensor and collects the measurement data periodically and transmits it to a central cloud location.  
  • Cloud Software where you can view the measurement data, set alarm levels, and define notifications to alert you or your employees when the measurement data starts to show signs of trouble. 

Swift Sensors offers multiple temperature sensors depending on the type of cooler/freezer and temperature range you need to measure, including:

A school cafeteria temperature monitoring system has three primary components with the following costs:

  • Sensors prices range from about $100 to $250 depending on the sensor type and range
  • Gateways cost $399
  • Monitoring Service is $65/year for each sensor

Swift Sensors offers a complete demo system that you can create a login for to see the system in action before you buy.  You can sign up for a free demo account here.

Your Swift Sensor Monitoring Software includes all of these features:

  • Monitoring and Alert Plan – view all of your historical data and create alerts to text or email when alarm levels are reached.
  • Cloud access to your data 24/7 from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Unlimited notifications.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Role-based permissions
  • Built-in analytics for productivity, compliance, and efficiency.
  • Built-in temperature log reports
  • Sub-Accounts for organizing your systems for multiple locations
  • Data Export capabilities 
  • Free startup and ongoing technical support.
  • 2-year warranty on the hardware.
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