Arrowsight’s goal is straightforward: to provide a wide range of industries with the tools they need to have a precise view on critical aspects of their operations and to help them improve performance rapidly and keep it strong. Building on ten years of research, development, and implementation, Arrowsight deploys video and motion detection to provide game-changing insights for businesses, manufacturers and hospitals.

Arrowsight was in search of a wireless sensor system assist in monitoring protein production activities on behalf of their customers. They needed to ensure the integrity of their production units at all times. Additionally, they wanted to be able to have access to real-time information regardless of time of day.

Utilizing the Swift Sensor Bridge 1010 along with Swift Sensor wireless temperature and ammonia sensors, all Arrowsight staff are now capable of viewing this real-time information in one screen and from their mobile devices ensuring that all is well at their facilities.

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Swift Sensor BridgeSS-BRG-1010
Types of SensorsSS-SEN-101 Wireless Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Sensor
SS-SEN-904 Wireless Ammonia Sensor
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