Refrigeration Monitoring Solutions

Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Swift Sensors Remote Refrigeration Monitoring System uses remote wireless sensors to constantly monitor the temperatures in your refrigeration equipment.

Our refrigeration monitoring system will safeguard your temperatures and send you a text message alert at the first sign of trouble.

  • Medical Labs: Refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low cryogenic freezers. Learn more.
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Refrigerators, freezers, vaccine freezers.  Learn more.
  • Schools & Restaurants: Walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, grab-n-go’s, reach-in’s.  Learn more.
  • Food Manufacturing:  Cold rooms, warehouses, refrigerated trailers. Learn more.


Measure Anything Anywhere

Swift Sensors empowers business leaders to support healthy, safe, secure, and energy efficient working environments. We offer over 30 types of sensors that monitor environmental conditions, facility infrastructure, equipment, and inventory.

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Refrigeration Monitoring for Every Industry

Dashboards, Temp Logs, Reporting

Swift Sensors Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Swift Sensors Wireless Sensors

Starting at MSRP $100

More than 30 types of sensors to monitor your equipment, facility, and business processes.  Sensors have a battery life of 6-8 years, communication range of 500 feet, and an IP66 rating.

Swift Sensors Gateway

MSRP $330

Gateways transmit sensor measurements to the cloud via Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular Modem.  One gateway supports up to 150 sensors.  Advanced security protocols keep your networks and data safe.

Swift Sensors Monitoring and Alert Plan

MSRP $65/year/sensor

The Monitoring and Alert Plan (each sensor) provides cloud account access with thresholds, notifications, unlimited users,  measurement history, reporting, analytics and more. No Contract Required.

Get More with Swift Sensors Partners

Eagle Eye Networks Video Management System

Video Management System

Schools need a video surveillance system that is cost-effective and easy-to-use. With the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS (Video Management System) all campuses and facilities can be viewed on a single dashboard. Integrate with Swift Sensors to capture sensor events on video! 

Rhino Energy Management Solution

Energy Management Solution

The Rhino Energy Management platform presents real-time analytics for the energy, water, and gas consumption of a single room, facility, or multiple facilities in a cloud-based dashboard. Track usage trends, detect anomalies, reduce energy consumption, and support school sustainability initiatives.


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