Wireless Vibration Sensing Helps to Prevent Mayhem

Wireless Vibration Sensing Helps to Prevent Mayhem

Some of you may be familiar with the Allstate Commercial, “Football Season is Mayhem.”

What you may not know is that Swift Sensors play a role in the prevention of Mayhem. We’ll use our customer, Anderson Group, to illustrate this point.

Anderson Group is a leading global manufacturer of industrial CNC Routers for a variety of woodworking, plastics and metals industries.

Their main objective is to provide its customers with the best in class CNC Router technology backed by a high level of technical support both locally and online.

The Anderson Group wanted to improve the efficiency and quality of their customer service, particularly when a customer was unable to control the router to their expectations or if the customer believed the router was in need of repair.

Enter Swift Sensors.

vibration sensors

By adding wireless sensors to their routers, the Anderson Group has operational health data that can monitor vibration activity.

The support team can review this data and pinpoint where damage may have occurred, allowing the customer to better understand how to operate the equipment more efficiently.

In short, our vibration sensor acts as “mayhem sensor” to detect when their equipment is being misused by the customer. This helps to educate the customer and/or protect themselves against warranty repair claims from customer misuse.

You can now see how Swift Sensors helps to prevent mayhem with vibration sensors. And, not just during football season, but all year round. Touchdown!

Wireless vibration measurement and sensing is a critical part of any predictive maintenance program (PdM) to reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency of machines and rotating equipment.   Using the latest IoT technology Swift Sensors wireless vibration sensors can be attached to equipment (in hard to reach places) to monitor vibration in the X, Y, and Z axes. Thresholds for minimum and maximum values can be set and notifications sent via text, email, or phone when the thresholds are exceeded.  The wireless vibration sensors are an excellent early warning detection system and can be combined with route based vibration analysis for a comprehensive Predictive Maintenance program (PdM). Swift Sensors’ wireless sensors serve a variety of industries including food service monitoring, museum facility monitoring, and manufacturing monitoring

Learn more about our Mayhem Sensors in the Anderson America case study.

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