Sensor Fusion Creates Robust Cloud-Based Monitoring Among Sister Companies

Sensor Fusion Creates Robust Cloud-Based Monitoring Among Sister Companies

You may have heard of sensor fusion – a combination of data from multiple sensors, which work together to enhance system performance better than a single sensor could on its own. In short, the whole exceeds the sums of its parts. Sensor fusion is becoming an everyday reality thanks to the power of the cloud and the Internet of Things.

Swift Sensors has partnered with sister company, Eagle Eye Networks, to combine both video and sensor data, providing customers with valuable operational insight and a more robust video surveillance system.

sensor fusionThis new integration allows existing Eagle Eye Networks customers to add wireless sensors for additional insights to their Eagle Eye Bridge or Cloud Managed Video Recorder. Customers benefit from door contact, motion, and distance sensors that add valuable insights and create a more robust video security system.

Swift Sensors customers can use the Eagle Eye Bridge to connect to both video cameras and their wireless sensors. They benefit from the system’s ability to create complex notifications from multiple sensors, significantly enriching the information offered by the video cameras.

The combined insights from video and analog sensor data give better context for complementary data sources – thus, the sensor fusion. In this case, the combination of multiple sensor types (including video sensors) gives immediate insights that can remove false positive, or narrow the possible sources abnormal conditions read by the sensors and video cameras.

The cloud-based video monitoring systems are available from Eagle Eye Networks.  The wireless sensors and cloud-based sensor monitoring are available from Swift Sensors.  Subscriptions to both Eagle Eye and Swift Sensors are required to use both monitoring systems. Numerous resellers of Eagle Eye Networks and Swift Sensors offer both monitoring products.

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