Rhino Earns ‘Smart Building Collective’ Certification

Rhino Earns ‘Smart Building Collective’ Certification

Advancing Sustainable Building Management

Rhino proudly announces our certification from the Smart Building Collective, recognizing our leadership in sustainable building management through innovative, smart technology solutions.

Rhino is thrilled to share that we have earned certification from the Smart Building Collective, a milestone that solidifies our role as a leader in sustainable building management. This certification is a testament to our dedication to advancing building operations through innovative, smart technology solutions that focus on sustainability and efficiency. 


Certification Insights

  • A Rigorous Review: Our cutting-edge technologies underwent a comprehensive evaluation by the Smart Building Collective, focusing on their capability to enhance building management and sustainability. This certification process rigorously assesses the impact of technologies on energy management, cost reduction, and environmental stewardship.
  • Validation of Our Commitment: Achieving this certification highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient solutions that meet the strict standards required for advanced smart building operations.

 Impact on Our Clients

  • Enhanced Building Operations: Our certified solutions provide building owners and operators with robust tools to manage utilities more effectively, ensuring they can meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals while also optimizing costs.
  • Proven Reliability: Clients can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of Rhino’s solutions, which have been verified to improve operational efficiencies and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Our Ongoing Mission


We are dedicated to continuing our mission of innovation and leadership in the smart building industry. By setting new benchmarks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Rhino aims to lead the charge toward more sustainable and efficient building management practices.

To learn more about what this certification means for your building management solutions, please visit our detailed certification page.

Smart Building Collective Solution Certification


The Solution Certification is not about the technology alone, it is about the organization behind the technology. Exploring your service model, innovation and collaboration philosophy; do you stand alone or do integrate easily?

We live in a fascinating time when it comes to smart building, through all the certifications we have done we haven’t seen two the same. The solutions that a building chooses are more then technology, they breed culture, innovation, a way of working and collaborating. The ones they choose and how they choose them is a critical step in your smart building journey. Solution certification helps tell your story.

Want to learn more about the Smart Building Collective?
Check: https://smartbuildingcollective.com/

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