Newsletter August 2019

Newsletter August 2019


As Honeywell Aerospace launched its connected initiative, they wanted to arm their field technicians with the latest IoT offerings so that they could have a proactive posture related to equipment in the field. When Honeywell needed to arm their technicians with the ability to pull real-time operational data for their aerospace assets in the field, they turned to Swift Sensors to provide a wireless sensor system for their avionics equipment. They needed to ensure the integrity of their aerospace equipment at any time. Additionally, they wanted to be able to have access to real-time information regardless of time of day. Utilizing the Swift Sensor Bridge 1010 along with Swift Sensor wireless temperature and vibration sensors, all Honeywell technicians are now capable of viewing this real-time information in one screen and from their mobile devices ensuring that all is well at their facilities.


The Diagnostics feature in the Console gives important insight into your wireless sensor system. The sensor diagnostics displays real-time and historical information on wireless signal strength, battery level, and bridge connections. The bridge diagnostics supplies information on connection to the internet, uptime, compute and memory resources, and amount of data transfer. Diagnostics are an invaluable tool when configuring your system to ensure optimal setup. Learn More

Product Updates

Worried about your facilities’ doors, windows, or cabinets being left open? Try our Wireless Door Sensor! The sensor is ideal for security and monitoring applications of room and building access. Shop Now

Food Safety with IoT in Schools
Food Safety in Schools with IoT

Learn how IoT is improving food safety in schools by monitoring refrigiration systems, equipment, food pantries, and by discouraging in-house theft with motion sensors in our latest blog. Read More

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