December Newsletter 2021

December Newsletter 2021


Is Your Corporate or Industrial Facility Protected During the Extended Holiday Break?

Leaks, power surges, doors left open. These are some of the small issues that can turn into major damage when they are not addressed right away. That’s what led Melinda Martin, the building manager at Plaza West, to investigate water presence sensors With the help of Intrepid Technologies, a local reseller, the team at Plaza West was able to quickly deploy water presence sensors throughout their 14-story corporate building to guard against water damage during the upcoming holiday season.

Read the Case Study to learn more about the solution.


Vibration Sensors Tell You When Your Machine Needs a Checkup

Equipment and machinery with rotating fans, motors, or pumps require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating properly. Using wireless vibration sensors, you can remotely monitor subtle changes in your machine’s performance and schedule maintenance crews to check on it before it becomes a problem. Read up on the use of vibration sensors in a new white paper from Swift Sensors that covers:

  • Common problems that vibration sensors can detect
  • How vibration signals are converted to voltage measurements
  • How changes in the measurements may indicate trouble


Vibration Sensors Tell You WhenNew Restaurant Guide Outlines Common Food Safety and Inspection Challenges for Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners have been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. After many months of uncertainty due to lockdowns and strict requirements, owners still have to manage through the challenging hiring and staffing issues in the service industry. Food safety monitoring and surprise health inspections require a more modern approach in these challenging times.

The Swift Sensors Restaurant Owners Guide outlines ways to protect against the disruption of refrigeration malfunctions to prevent catastrophic loss. In addition, through automated reporting designed to meet the needs of local health inspections, owners are able to automate a once manual and error-prone process. The end-result are smoother inspections and peace of mind.

Learn more by reading the Swift Sensors Restaurant Owners Guide to Automated Food Safety Monitoring and Reporting.


Sign up for an Online Technical Training Webinar

One last chance to attend an introductory training webinar to build your knowledge on the Swift Sensors Wireless Monitoring and Notification System. Topics include:

  • An overview of measurement capabilities
  • How to configure measurement thresholds and notifications
  • Ways to monitor and report on your data
  • Overview of Gateway options

The webinar is scheduled for December 16th at 1:00 p.m. CST

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