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Getting Started

Installation & Setup

Follow our step-by-step instructions to setup and configure your system

Quick Start Guide

Download a copy of the Quick Start guide that comes with your system


Schedule a 1-on-1 new user onboarding meeting

Frequently Asked Questions


Quickly find answers to your Sensor queries.


Quickly find answers to your Gateway queries.


Quickly find answers to your Console queries.


System Manual

Detailed information on the installation and operation of sensors and gateways

Exporting Measurement Data

Sensor data can be exported and accessed by other apps and systems in a variety of ways.

Security Documentation

Advanced technologies to keep your monitoring system safe and secure.

615 Configuration Guide

How-To Guide for connecting a 3rd-party sensor to an SS3-615 Adapter

API Documentation

Integrate the Swift Sensors service into a custom app

Tutorial Videos

Learn how to install and configure various aspects of your system

Gateway Network Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips for navigating network connectivity and IT issues


Warranty and return information for Swift Sensors' Hardware Products


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